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More pictures from my Euro trip in 2008 with my school and EF Tours. While on this trip we visited France, we drove to France via bus from Italy. On our way to Nice, France we made a stop in Eze where we visited a parfumerie which I wouldn’t recommend if you had allergies but it was defiantly neat to see and I bought a perfume there! From there we had about a 30 minute bus ride to our hotel. The next day we took our bus to Monaco where we had free time to walk around. It was beautiful there but very ritzy. After that we came back to Nice where we went to the beach and went swimming but although the beach was beautiful and the water was super blue, the beach itself was super rocky and hard to walk on. After the beach we climbed a bunch of steps that were along the side of the beach up a mountain-type thing where there was a beautiful waterfall at the top with an awesome view!! Overall Nice and Monaco were beautiful! They aren’t the typical places in France you think to travel but they defiantly should be!!